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An Actor’s Confidence

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

How do actors go on stage and perform in front of crowds of thousands?

How do they remember all those lines?

How are they so confident?

The answer to all of this is training, practice and acting.

Many actors suffer from extreme anxiety and nervousness about performing on stage. It is a stressful thing to do because so much can, and does, go wrong. Nightly. Lines are forgotten, Choreography goes wrong, timing is missed, and audiences don’t always react in the way they are expected to.

A huge part of actor training is about learning techniques which help actors to communicate, to express themselves freely by exploring their emotions, to speak so they can be heard, to listen, to empathise and react to others, to improvise and be creative, to keep going when things go wrong and get back on track.

All of this takes practice, but in rehearsals they get to learn and practice their performance, learning their lines in lots of different ways, and risk assessing the potential problems which could de-rail a performance, so that when thing inevitably go wrong they are prepared to deal with it.

Finally, there is a psychological shift which all actors make – they pretend to be someone else - they perform another character, so it isn’t them on stage, it is their character, and anything which happens on stage happens to that character, not the actor playing them.

Here at Teambuilder London, we base most of our training and development programmes on performance and acting techniques. We provide delegates with techniques which help them speak in public, to listen and communicate clearly, to be creative with the way they express themselves, all of which helps them feel confident, or at least appear confident, even if they’re not.

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