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Teambuilder offers a range of event and business support services.


Everything we do is tailored to the unique needs of our clients, ensuring your goals are met!


One-to-one coaching, teambuilding, training and hospitality services


Branding, marketing and

communications strategy

Audience Engagement

Conferences and events which engage your audience, community and peers

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One-to-One Coaching

Private coaching offers confidential support and guidance across a range of topics, inspired by our many years' of experience, including:

  • Public speaking training

  • Confidence development

  • Mentoring for strategical development

  • Personal wellbeing

  • Marketing, communications, and branding strategy

  • Customer services

One-to-one sessions can be online or in person


Our bespoke events cater for groups of all sizes and are designed to unite your team through practical activities.


Each event is designed to challenge your team, develop leadership and collaboration skills, and nurture creative problem solving abilities.


Events may include creative experiences, group challenges, competitive activities, or outdoor persuits.

Business Team
Support Group

We offer a host of bespoke training solutions which can be tailored to any business. Past programmes have included:

  • Public speaking and presentation skills

  • Sales and marketing

  • Mediation, crisis, and customer complaints management

  • Wellbeing and mental health

  • Management training

Bespoke training can be devised to meet your unique needs. Contact us to discuss today.


Whether you want to reward your staff or create a social event to bring people together, we have a range of hospitality solutions for all tastes and budgets, including:

  • Delicious meals in some of the best restaurants across the UK, with group menus for all cuisines and dietary requirements

  • Tickets for live entertainment including theatre, music and dance performances

  • Coach hire and group travel arrangements

  • Accommodation in 3-5 star hotels nationwide

  • Parties for Christmas and other celebrations

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Audience Engagement

The way you engage with your staff, community, industry or clients can make or break your business. The story you tell should be rooted in your brand identity and seek to inspire and engage your audience, setting you apart from the competition and establish you as a market leader.

Design Strategy

Whether you are a start-up or run an already thriving business, it is never too late to disect your brand values and review your marketing strategy.

We offer a range of bespoke services based on our combined 40+ years experience in marketing, website design, social media, editorial, and designing short and long-term marketing strategy including:

  • Website design and build

    • Including SEO, integrations, analytics and e-commerce set-up

  • Content and resources

  • Communications strategy for email marketing and social media

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