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Conference Solutions


Conventions are a great place to gain insight, hear inspiring stories, and learn about developments in a specific industry or field of study.

Teambuilder co-ordinates the logistical management of your convention with creative support as we help you get your message accross and ensure your goals are met. This may include:

  • Venue hire and facilities management

  • Catering and refreshments

  • Breakout sessions for networking, activities, research or discussions

  • Delegate management

  • Post event hospitality

  • Dedicated website management

Open Space

Open Space events have no pre-determined agenda or key note speakers. They are proven to break down boundaries, engage and inspire staff, improve morale, and empower delegates to make change happen, addressing the issues which impact them!


Open Space is like taking all those ad-hoc meetings and networking elements of a conventional conference, but without the conference. They're a great way to find solutions, drive research, create opportunities, and connect with peers.

Teambuilder facilitates the event, creating the space(s) in which open discussions can happen. Delegates are invited to call discussions on any topic, and others are free to join or leave these discussions as they please, sharing opinions, taking advice, and learning from others.

Casual Meeting
Open Space
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