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Can we start planning events?

Yes you can, but you can’t run them, at least not yet!

As of Monday 12th April, the government’s roadmap launched phase 2, allowing many businesses can reopen with restrictions in place, but events are still extremely limited. While we can meet in outdoor spaces, only two households or up to 6 from any house can meet up.

However, with the launch of phase 3, planned to start from 17th May 2021, hospitality venues can open indoors, which will see the reopening of museums, theatres and many event spaces.

That said, strong restrictions will still be in place – for example weddings will only be able to host up to 30 people.

The date to watch out for is the launch of phase 4 from 21st June 2021. This is when

remaining restrictions should be lifted and events can resume, much to the delight of the events and hospitality industry, and many businesses who are desperate to reunite their teams once more.

So, yes, you can now start planning your events for the summer and autumn 2021, but there are a few important issues to consider:

  • Just like a typical party season before Christmas, events spaces, caterers and entertainment are going to be high demand, so start planning NOW!

  • Safeguarding will still be a priority, so you will need to take extra measures to minimise risk of infection,

  • The Great British weather may be unpredictable, but outdoor events may be in particular demand to give guests peace of mind, so look out for venues with gardens and courtyards, but ensure you have plans in place to provide shelter, just in case…

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