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Marketing strategy and branding

Design Strategy

Website Design and brand management
Marketing Strategy

Once we've united and motivated your teams to work and collaborate more effectively, the next step is to engage and excite your customers with a bespoke marketing strategy: a short and long-term game plan for your organisation, designed to showcase your brand values and identity. 

Our consultation service helps you identify what your clients need and the key products and services you can deliver to meet that need, with a strategy for getting that message into the market place which gives you the competitive advantage.

Our service may include:

  • Business planning and growth strategy

  • Market research and analysis

  • Website and social media platform build

  • Print and digital design and co-ordination

  • Trade shows and conference exhibitions

Contact us to start your consultation process today.

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Website design
Website Design & Content

Does your website truly represent your brand and its values? Does it address your customer's needs?


Teambuilder can design and build a website which works seemlessly across all devices, in multiple languages, with the integrations you need to work seemlessly with your office systems, such as inventry, accounts, bookings and more.


We offer a website design service where we build the platform and upload your content with all the tagging, mapping and search engine optimisation you need to rise above your competitors.

We can build your social media profiles, source images, create e-commerce, online bookings, private members areas and automated integrations to reduce the nightmare of back-office administration.

We can also create original content for you through blog and social media posts, automated email notifications and newsletters.

Once your site had profiles have been created, we can supply you with a full deck of resources so you can manage everything in-house, or we can continue to manage your profiles for you with ongoing support. The choice is yours!

Contact us today and start your consultation today.

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