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Our bespoke teambuilding events are rooted in world-class theatre and performance techniques inspired by over 15 years of collaborations with many of the world's best theatre productions.

Our events are designed to build confidence, inspire creativity and imagination, encourage collaboration and leadership, and give delegates the skills they need to perform beyond their expectations.

Modern Dancers

Learn new skills and channel your imagination and creativity to devise original stories.

This programme explores the way we communicate and connect with the world through movement, building relationships and collaborating to create performance.

This is a physical activity, taking place in dance studios and professional rehearsal rooms across London.

Stage Combat

The ultimate masterclass in physical communication, this workshop teaches delegates the techniques used by performers to stage fight scenes on stage and screen, while keeping themselves safe and out of harms way.

These techniques rely on physical communication, body language and other non-verbal communication skills used by actors on stage to communicate with each other, and with their audience.

Workshops can be themed to your favourite action hero, such as Bond, Bourne or Buffy!

Ballroom Dance Class With Masks
Musical Theatre

If you're a fan of  West End musicals, this is the one for you!

Inspired by our collaboration with A Chorus Line, Dirty Dancing, Hairspray, Shrek, Chicago and over a dozens other musicals since 2006, this workshop teaches acting, singing and dance skills while learning song and dance routines from your favourite musical.


Learn from the world's greatest playwrite and expert performers as we bring the bard's work to life in this Shakespeare masterclass.

This session will focus on storytelling, audience engagement, communication skills, language and collaborative performance.

Learning the Scripts
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